Wisdom Teeth

Puffy-faced and red-cheeked due to small fever

Hi All,

Yes, I decided to grace you with an update after all this time. As an added benefit, you get to see my pale mug. I got my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday, so I can’t really talk. I don’t want to make this long since I’m on medication and don’t want to post something I will regret.

Here are pictures of my puffy face as well as pictures of Lulu who I really, really wish was hibernating next to me in Chicago. At least, one of us is getting enough sun.

Lulu’s First Rock Concert with New Hairdo: Seeing Mates of State at Westfest
Trapped Inside the Airplane Box of Horror

Moved to Bucktown

Just moved into a two-story timber loft near the Six Corners in Wicker Park yesterday. The apartment has a balcony downstairs and private porch upstairs. It’s also in a quiet neighborhood with stroller moms and dog walkers yet within walking distance to a lot of hip places. I’m really excited about this area because we’re surrounded by younger people. There are restaurants and shops here that I could easily see on Hillhurst in Los Feliz, so it reminds me more of home.