Last Week’s Snow Storm & Winter Fashion

I’m alive. I know that I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been meaning to, so here it is. Nothing too exciting has been happening. Last weekend, we had a snow storm which left about 6-inches on the ground. It all melted away by mid-week. The panoramic windows of the apartment make it feel like I lived in a snow-globe. In fact, this morning when I woke up early to watch the last match of the Australian Open (a surprisingly long match!), the flurries were everywhere. The wind whirled the snow up and around. It’s surreal watching it from the window… Not so great when the wind finds a way to make it blow in your face as it did last week.

I have to admit the best part of the weather for me right now is the fact that I am prepared for it. I’m not so shocked by it as I was a few weeks ago. I’m not the most stylish Chicagoan on the street, but I am pretty warm. All my dresses from L.A. are in storage, and I look just like a typical Midwesterner now. What does a typical Midwesterner look like? My friend, Juliana, in Los Angeles once told me that people on the streets of Chicago don’t have a sense of style. She lived in Boston for a while. Pshhhaw! I disagree slightly with that statement. From my observation, fashion here is all about homogeneity with the exception of hipsters that catch the train at Damen, Logan Square, or California. The official Chicago style is defined by the North Face. North Face jackets, hats, backpacks, gloves, mitts, and boots. It’s everywhere, and people wear it here because it serves its purpose well. Another pervasive Chicago “look” is the White Sox fan. These people usually have regional accents and say things like “whacked” in public, leading you to put police numbers on speed dial. I’ve never seen a Cubs fan.

My award for the best dressed of Chicago goes to the dogs though. Aside from my outrageously adorable Lulu (who is probably sunbathing on my parent’s lawn right now), there are some really cute animals in booties here. The outfits are so amusing and head-turning, they belong on a runway. I met a woman who color-coordinated her Beagle’s collar with the season and with his jackets. I’ve seen Boston Terriers in bright rain coats. Today, I spotted a pair of Yorkies in thick corded sweaters in pink and blue respectively. So, here’s my advise to those who yawn at Chicago style: open your eyes and look down. There are some smart-looking dogs with elbow patches around here.

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