Fall Food Fan

This was my dinner tonight. It was seasonal and surprisingly delicious even though part of it looks like baby mush. I used a combination of parsnips and carrots boiled in salt water and puréed. Afterward, I added more salt; a dollop of tahini; and lots of parsley. The main meal was made by the BF with my ingredient suggestions. Sautéed onions, broccoli, and brussels sprouts in balsamic vinegar with German mustard, cayenne pepper and citrus. The tilapia was smeared with olive oil and seasoned simply with salt in a baking dish. Then, the vegetable sautée was poured on top, and the fish was baked for thirty minutes. The tilapia would have been understated without the sweet and savory topping. It had the intensity of red wine without wine added. The parnip-carrot mash was equally flavorful after being liberally seasoned with smoked sea salt. Perfect meal for the Mid-West rivalry game.

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