Last Day at Work

My final day at work was definitely full of tears and surprises. Monique and Chuck sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Westwood Flower Shop. I’m a Bruin, so it was very thoughtful. Lynne, Marilou, Kendra and I went out to lunch for the last time in Downtown Los Angeles. Lisa gave me a hilarious card and a Bed, Bath and Beyond certificate. Of course, I worked late to finish projects, but overall, I’m glad that I was there to train my replacement and to leave on such great terms. Los Angeles, you really spoiled me.

Office Farewell Was Da Bomb

The World Trade Center in Los Angeles was on high alert at around 5 o’clock rush hour tonight. The Bomb Squad was called, and the police shut down Figueroa at 4th. As we get closer to the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, security forces do not take their chances when the consequences can be so luridly dire. Fortunately, this closure only meant that those parked within the Union Bank building were barred from leaving at the end of the day. This happened a few minutes before my scheduled Going-Away Office Party at Border Grill located at the base of Union Bank. Incidentally, this created the opportunity for everyone trapped by the closure (which was pretty much everyone) to part-ay down with me for one last time. Hank, Clayton, and Chuck generously provided drinks and food for the happy hour. I am humbled by their support, and I am truly blessed to have such wonderful coworkers and friends.

Here are pictures from the event: