What are you wearing? OMG, really?

I used to make fun of girls who wore Ugg boots. Now, I’m wearing knock-offs of them. Well, to be fair to myself, I used to make fun of girls who wore Ugg boots in Los Angeles. You’ve seen these girls. They wear mini skirts and tanks with Uggs in 80 degree weather. Really? Now, I’m asking myself the same question. I decided to try them on when I saw them on sale. Sales are my weakness. After putting them on, I was surprised at how comfortable they were. No wonder girls wear these. They are sitting in my closet right now, but when it gets cold enough I will wear them. I promise. Positive: they’re warm.

Warmth has become my litmus test for wardrobe additions. I have gone on a spending spree trying to find the best in warm technology. Winter is coming. I can’t change this. I can only prepare. My first real investment was in SmartWool. First, there was the underwear, but this past weekend, I expanded my SmartWool collection by getting three pairs of socks. After getting these items, I found myself in the Columbia store where I discovered a new technology: Omni-Heat. With patent pending, Omni-Heat offers a reflective layer on the inside that should be worn closest to your skin as possible. If worn properly, Omni-Heat keeps the warmth that your body naturally generates insulated. You don’t lose heat, but the technology doesn’t stop there: Omni-Wick protects you from the sweat. It absorbs your sweat away from your skin, so you don’t get cold. It sounds gimmicky, right? That’s why I chose to only purchase the long underwear pants.

Sure, I am slightly gullible. I may have gone over my budget for long pants, but I’d rather give it a try. I will be experiencing 10-20 minutes of cold walking to the pedway and later, standing at the El station waiting for my shuttle to work. I know that I am more fortunate than others, but the Loop, where I live, has a lot of wind that comes in from the lake. I do not want to imagine what this wind feels like in below zero days. These “investments” may not pay off later, but I will soon find out and you can count on reviews of my experiences here.

The Month Old Banana

If you think that it is bad that I haven’t updated for 10 days, then consider this: Eddie threw a banana into his backpack for his trip to Chicago last month, and today, he found it again. It is flat, black and dehydrated. It looks more like an appendage after voodoo than fruit. As to why I haven’t been updating, I have been busy… shopping. I’m using the “squirrel hoarding away nuts” excuse.

Without discussing my purchases in overwhelming detail, let me discuss my research into cold weather gear. I have found that down, sleeping bag parkas are essential for the snow and that is why I am still looking for the right one. I’ve narrowed it down to this parka by Patagonia in Prussian Blue and/or this. It has been raining recently, and my Barney’s down jacket from California is making me sweat when I walk around in it. Thus, I purchased a very flattering, cranberry rain coat that is light. I will reserve the down jacket for moderately freezing days. I have yet to purchase rain boots, but I’m thinking black patent.

I have read that SmartWool base layers are very effective. Likewise, 3M’s Thinsulate products are essential for trapping temperature. Since moving here, it has been my ultimate goal to find these products and purchase them. Other satisfactory base layers are silk and wool. I haven’t found silk yet, but I managed to get two great wool sweaters at Nordstrom Rack for $13 each and Thinsulate gloves for $14. Score. I have also purchased SmartWool as well as made a significant online purchase of fleece Cuddl Duds. With my moon boots, I will be rocking the snow bunny look soon. Better than bananas.