Shades of Blue for the Chicago Airshow

I’m alive. It’s been a busy few weeks since I’ve posted, and it will only be a week till I say “adios” Chicago in favor of foggy, old London Town for a much needed vacation. My departure is next Friday evening. Arrival: Saturday morning in the UK. I hope to catch up on some blog posts then though I can’t promise to try, but I’ll try to try.

On another note, the Chicago Airshow at North Avenue Beach this past weekend was great especially considering that the Sunday predictions for overcast skies were inaccurate. We saw a few planes from our window, but the vantage point from the shoreline near the apartment was unobstructed. Sorry, Mom, you called me when I was outside taking pictures of fighter jets on Sunday. I didn’t hear the phone. Dad, this event reminds me of when we used to go to these events when I was ten, and I would beg to sit in the cockpit of a helicopter. Miss you all, but Lulu and I will see you next month! Any request for English goodies have to be made via email.

Meeting Graham Elliot

Taste of Chicago started on my birthday this year, so of course, I took the opportunity to buy tickets to as many events as possible. I ate three courses from Chef Carlos Gaytan on my birthday and saw Frozen Planet in Concert at the Pritzker Pavillion after. On Thursday, I got tickets to see Death Cab for Cutie, who were amazing live, and sampled Swedish potato skagen, which was surprisingly delicious. Last night, was a real highlight though: I got to meet Graham Elliot. We not only got to eat a three course meal prepared by one of Chicago’s greatest celebrity chefs, we also had the liveliest table in the whole room thanks to Tanya, Monica and Janine. Tanya is a diehard Graham Elliot fan and the whole experience was exciting as a result of the collective craziness. Graham was a lot of fun, too. He joked about the “mathematician who can’t take a picture” when Eddie had trouble with my camera and danced along with the Abba songs on his personal playlist.

The menu was:
First Course: Deconstructed Caesar, Gem Lettuce, Brioche Twinkie, Parmesan Fluff, Spanish Anchovy. Wine recommendation: Whitehaven, Sauvignon Blanc 2011 from New Zealand.

Second Course: Whitefish BLT, Bacon Vinaigrette, Baby Frisee, Heirloom Tomato, Fine Herbs. Vegetarian option: Smoked Portabello. Wine recommendation: Apothic White, Wine Maker’s Blend 2010, California (I really liked this because it tasted like a Sauternes).

Third Course: Berry Cobbler, Whipped Cream, Cornmeal Crust, Garden Mint, Vanilla Essence.