Boxing Up: Mitts Ready

I purchased a few more boxes today.  I have removed all of the hangers off my clothes, and I am putting them away in an open garment bag that I have installed inside the box (just as a precaution if the box gets wet). 2 boxes down, 6 to go. I am preparing to drop these off at Amtrak this Friday. Amtrak is the only way to go to ship bulk items across thousands of miles in the continental United States. I found out about this service through my friend, Kelly, a few weeks ago. Their rates beat conventional movers, USPS, UPS, and even Greyhound. Here’s are the details:

They can ship clothing, books, bikes, and other items so long as they are boxed up. The box must not contain breakable items, art or electronics. The box cannot be more than 3 feet on any given side (excludes bike boxes). Each box must not weigh more than 50 pounds. You are not allowed more than 500 pounds at a time. The best part? $49 for 100 pounds from Los Angeles Union Station to Chicago Union Station. It’s $0.46/lb after that, and they store your shipment for 2 days free if you cannot pick it up immediately at the destination. They charge you $3/box per day after that for storage.

As I box up my clothes, books, pots, pans and metal kitchen wares, I am really happy that I am not going to be spending thousands of dollars for this move. My mom bought me a pair of mitts a few days ago and as I put it away with the rest of my belongings, I get so elated to write my new Chicago address on the full cardboard containers. The smell from the permanent marker may be getting to me though.

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