Bone Appetite: Fido to Go! Truck

The Fido Canine Catering truck was parked outside of our building on Saturday. It was a balmy morning, so I decided to see if Lulu would try some ice cream. When I was in line with other dogs and their owners, there was a lot of four-legged excitement. Before Lulu’s turn came up, she was already sniffing up at the truck on two-legs. I got her the Peanut Butter Banana Bacon ice cream. The merchant, Donna, was really nice and actually tried to see what my dog might like by offering her a few samples. Donna also told me that I could return anything that my dog does not like. We ended up with two duck necks, chicken jerky, and of course, the ice cream. It turned out great. She ate the ice cream over three days and has been chewing on the chicken jerky for the past few days. It’s entertaining to watch her guarding her oversized jerky.

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