Adios Party With My Mates

I’ve been playing with my trivia team at Ye Olde King’s Head almost every week for over three years now. I started playing at the request of my college friend and next door neighbor, Kabir. Within a few months of playing, I met Eddie who was on our rival team, “Cheap ‘N’ Easy.” Eddie pestered Kabir about me for a few weeks before he finally had the opportunity to buy me a drink.

Before sticking to our current team name, we started off with some terrible ones until we decided on “War Machine.” WM was named after Paul, who left last year to study law in Boston. After Paul left, we changed our name to “The Team Formerly Known as War Machine,” and we are currently using a symbol. Over the course of the years, we had New Zealand’s Andrew before he went back home. We had my Sierra Club buddy, Thom, before he and his wife, Jackie, moved to San Francisco. We had Eric before he went to med school. Then, Huy left to advance his career in New York. Now, I’m leaving. For my going-away party, we used this year’s earnings from winning first, second and third place. We had $890 worth of gift certificates and with the manager’s permission, we blew it all on Jameson yesterday.

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