Winter in Los Angeles: Chillin' on the streets of Westwood
Winter in Los Angeles: Chillin’ on the streets of Westwood

I’ve lived in Southern California my whole life.  When I say that I’ve felt cold, usually that means a bitter 30 degrees Fahrenheit on rare mornings in Woodland Hills. Now, I’m living in the Midwest. Being Mediterranean by descent, I figured if the Greeks can live in Chitown so can I. I have already stocked up on Vitamin D.

As a SoCal Valley girl— like, a real Valley girl— I am strongly dependent on my car as all Los Angelinos are. Friends fear being in the passenger seat next to me because of the assertiveness with which I drive. I’m not quite Danica Patrick, but I’ve been practicing. No more. Adios, car. I left the ol’ Chrysler behind in favor of Chicago’s public trans. My new, high-rise apartment in the Loop has close access to the underground walkways (the “Pedway”) and this has made the weather tolerable timber loft in Bucktown has me ice skating all the way to the El train.

Lulu the GreatI have a beautiful dog named Lucy Luella Buttercup III known informally as Lulu. A feisty red, wired-hair Dachshund-Terrier, Lulu was rescued from vicious Chihuahuas at the Chatsworth Animal Shelter when she was a nine-month stray. They were more like Chew-uahuas, and Lulu has flourished since surviving her ruff beginnings. Unfortunately, she is staying in California for the Winter because she refuses to pee outside and gets too cold despite her handsome sweater with jacket ensemble for the first few months as I made a comfortable nest in the Windy City. This is still my parents’ idea because my dad loves Lulu more than he loves me and Amazon is really great at delivering 40-pounds of dog food for free so that I can get settled into my new life easily without the responsibility of poop-scooping. Now, my short-haired dog will be returning to the cold with me with sweaters and chew toys packed.

When I’m not writing this blog, I am vicarious living up the final years of my twenties my thirties by working in marketing for the real estate industry. I always thought I’d become a rock star.  I enjoy reading, eating and listening to post-punk on the elliptical aspiring to become the Rudy of yoga.